Spatchcocked Chicken with Herbs of Provence

This is one of our favorite ways to prepare a whole chicken, a method which is incredibly savory and succulent.

Spatchcocked Chicken

We could have called this butterflied chicken but spatchcocked is so much more fun to say.

Just remove the spine with kitchen scissors, which is very simple to do, and lay the bird out flat.

The dark meat cooks perfectly every time and the white meat never gets dry.

Just rub salt onto the skin and let that dry rub do it’s magic for a hour or more in the fridge.

Brush on your olive oil and/or butter, add your herbs and garlic, and bake for an hour at 450 degrees. We like to brush on several tablespoons of beautiful golden yellow duck fat, which we render by slowly simmering the extra skin from a whole duck we are about to clay bake.

The white meat in a spatchcocked chicken breast is by far the most juicy we have ever tasted, the juices run clear all over the cutting board when we cut into them.

Give it a whirl, it will be the best baked chicken you’ve ever had. Enjoy!