About Us

Inspired by Diana Henry’s Crazy Water Pickled Lemons and Patience Gray’s Honey From a Weed, John and Rebekah Leekley’s joyful new blog and cookbook, Our Wild Savory Kitchen, are for those passionate home cooks who want to explore iconic feasts from around the world. Learn how to make Paella from Spain, Chicken Tagine from Morocco, Quiche and Duck Confit from France, Cajun Gumbo Ya-Ya and Jambalaya from Louisiana, Seared Ahi from Japan, and Chicken Cacciatore from Italy. Their culinary adventures are brought to life with over 200 photographs, detailed recipes and lists of unique ingredients bursting with umami flavors. Whether they’re foraging for wild mushrooms in the forests, fishing in the sea, gathering fresh herbs and vegetables from farmers’ markets and their garden or discovering hard to find spices, they approach each feast with an insatiable curiosity and deep appreciation for its cultural origins. Try their Tandoori Turkey for your next Thanksgiving or Jamaican Jerk Chicken for your next Sunday family BBQ. Whatever you’re planning these feasts are a celebration of life!

 John and Rebekah Leekley are Emmy Award winning screenwriters who are passionate about cooking for family and friends. After long days of writing TV series, features and novels (John is a New York Times Best Selling author as well) you can find them in their kitchen passionately creating iconic feasts from around the world. Their inspiration for learning how to make fresh, hearty feasts bursting with umami flavors comes from their world travelers’ spirit, endless curiosity and love of fishing, diving and foraging for wild mushrooms.  After 23 years of cooking together with their four children, John and Rebekah discovered that the secret to creating joyous lasting memories starts with family and friends feasting at the harvest table where everyone is welcome.