Seared Salmon Steaks

These bad boy salmon steaks were two inches thick and came into our market so shimmering and fresh… for us, that was an instant yaasss!

Salmon is already a very forgiving fish to sear, broil, BBQ, poach or cook over fire on Cedar planks, but thick steaks allow home cooks to easily hard sear both sides of the steak with rubbed in spices and marinades.  Salmon is so filled with rich healthy oils that when we see salmon steaks that thick, we know exactly what to conjure up.  Charmoula spice mix!  With brushed on Peri Peri sauce!  

Charmoula Moroccan spice mixture is unique in flavor profile, and when seared on cast iron, it’s rich, sumptuous and umami perfect. Charmoula spice mix can easily be ordered on Amazon. Traditional Charmoula is made from a mixture of paprika, cumin, coriander, turmeric, black pepper and cayenne.  We sometimes make it ourselves but honestly purchased is just as good. Just mix the Charmoula with olive oil and tons of garlic, brush it on… and then brush on the Peri Peri hot sauce (we use Nando’s, available on Amazon).  

Sear in a hot cast iron pan with a little bit of coconut oil.  When the steaks are nice and toasty on both sides, remove and deglaze the cast iron pan with a half cup of coconut cream.  That spicy gravy is exploding with exotic flavors… and the next best thing than a ticket to Marrakesh!  

Just add the pappardelle pasta to the oils and you have a sumptuous feast.

You can see how beautiful the patina is, and yet inside the thick steaks it’s very tender and juicy, just packed with flavor.  

Serve with cilantro and some Rose Harissa. Enjoy!