Lobster Pasta & Ravioli

Some meals are simply perfect. This light pasta is amazing on a lazy summer day with ice cold champagne, or a romantic warm evening with rose. Actually, it’s wonderful any time and any place on Earth, because this little feast will make it a special event.

The secret is in the ingredients, as usual. This meal is easy to make, you just need the right stuff. Life is good.


1 pound lobster meat, cut into big chunks… you need about 2 pounds of claws

3 tablespoons fresh tarragon, chopped fine (or basil)
1 cup thawed petite peas (optional)
4 big cloves of garlic
1/4 cup of olive oil
3 tablespoons of butter
1 large shallots minced in a food processor
1 cup of the reduced broth from the water used to boil lobster or crab shells, or clam and seafood broth
1 cup white wine
1 cup cream
1 pound of fresh tomatoes, roughly chopped (optional)

2/3 cup dried black trumpet mushrooms or any dried wild mushroom (optional)
1 lemon, juiced plus the zest
1 pound angel hair pasta, bowtie or ravioli
salt and pepper to taste (we like lots of black pepper)

Prep Work

Using a hammer or mortar, crack the meat out of the claws, cut the meat into chunks and put aside.

Soak the black trumpets or other wild mushroom in water, just to cover them for at least ten minutes. In a small pan, place the mushrooms and the water it rehydrated in and heat until just simmering and aromatic, (it should smell exotic and cheesy and smokey), and then turn it off. Discard the water.

Make your pasta, take it out of the boiling water slightly before it’s done, so that it will be al dente. Reserve a few tablespoons of the water.


In a medium fry pan combine the olive oil and the crushed garlic and shallots, and warm the oil, keeping the temperature low so they are fragrant.

Add the reduced lobster broth and seafood broth and wine, reduce to a liqueur (about 2/3rd reduced).

Whisk in butter to your pasta sauce, add lemon juice and whisk to a creamy perfection.

Add lobster, peas, cream, reconstituted mushrooms, tarragon or basil and simmer a couple of minutes.

Add the tomatoes till they are just hot but still intact and turn off the heat.

Now add the lemon zest.

Place your already made pasta (timing is everything) INTO the sauce and stir it up with black pepper and salt.